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Dating Ukrainian Girls in Kyiv: The Best Kept Secrets of 2022

Eastern Europe is a place to be when you’re looking for beautiful ladies. According to countless researches, Ukrainian women are constantly being called the most beautiful in the world, and it’s just a fact: girls take way more time to pamper and look after themselves here and they pay more attention to how they look. Add the genes factor and you’ll get the ultimate cocktail of beauty and sex appeal. 

Slavic girls are sexy, and among them, the greatest number of hottest chicks is in Ukraine. You’re intoxicated with beauty the minute you get out on Ukrainian streets. 
Finding yourself a nice Ukrainian lady to date though? It’s easy. You just need to know a few key factors to your dating success. 

Dating foreigners: why Ukrainian girls are not here to date local men? 

Let’s face the facts: Ukrainian men are spoilt stupid with the availability and sheer number of beautiful women around. This ruins their game, because to get the lady you need to treat her right, and why would you bother yourself with that if you always have an option to simply find another one? Ukrainian men are well known for not knowing how to up their game with women and how to keep a girl around. 

Also, beautiful women from Ukraine are mostly ambitious: they always hustle to make their lives better and richer. Some of them make their dreams a reality by building a stable career, but most of them are just looking to up their class with dating and then marrying someone. 

Foreign men are a dream come true for Ukrainian women. If you’re classy, if you have your game and you know your way with words, if you know how to treat a beautiful lady, you’re already a bigger winner than most of Ukrainian guys. 

Knowing that local men are not in their league, beauties from Kiev and other cities resort to finding foreign men to treat them right and maybe even leave Ukraine. In 2022, they have a lot of avenues to do this right and a lot of popular options to do it wrong. 

Online dating: why you should say no to this 

Apps and sites for dating are always relevant in the world where you don’t have enough time to look for a partner in a bar after work. It’s easy to just pick up your phone and look for some options to spend a night with or maybe even build something out of it. But you should be wary while using dating sites: while it’s an option to find your love, it’s also an option for scamming and deception. You never know if the person you’re talking to is even real or if it’s just someone using some model’s pictures to get your money. 

And even if you don’t spend any money, the most precious thing you can give away on dating sites is your time. If you have unlimited time to go through countless profiles and look for the ladies of your own liking, you might be in luck with the dating apps, but try to keep a level-headed approach and don’t wait for any miracles. 

If you’re looking to be dating Ukrainian women and you’re trying to find them through a dating app or a site, keep up with the simple rules on how to make it easier

  • Look for the profiles that have a lot of different pictures, not just from studio photoshoots. Pictures with other people are also helpful, they’re usually a sign of a real person who has a life and friends. 
  • Never send or transfer any money and don’t indicate in any way that you’re into giving financial help before you actually get acquainted in real life.
  • Be pretty attentive in the conversation and try to build it in a real way, as if you’re talking to someone you’re interested in building a connection with. Lack of attention on the girl’s side is a pretty strong signifier that you should look elsewhere. 

But however tricky online dating might be, there’s one even worse option you need to be mindful about. 

Dating agencies: yes, it's ALWAYS a scam 

Absolutely unbelievable, but it’s a fact: looking for a Ukrainian bride through dating agencies is still a popular thing. But it’s an elaborate scam, and the goal is to make money, not let you build a strong and great relationship. As long as you’re paying, the agency wants to keep it this way, so you won’t be able to really establish a connection – just spend time and money for an imitation of one. 

Most of the girls are not even real, they’re just being paid for pictures and the hired translators are paid to make it look like they’re talking to you. Receiving money on the constant basis is the only goal of this agency, and if you’re really looking into finding yourself an Eastern European (Ukrainian) girlfriend the only place you should never look through is a dating agency. 

girls in kiev

How to make it in Kiev dating? A few simple rules to keep you going: try to be supportive and respectful, don’t make it rain gifts, but still try to pamper the lady of your choosing, visit nice places and try to look for someone there, and if you’re into one night stands, just choose a respectful escort agency to save you some money and keep the date risk-free


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