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Every country in the world has beautiful women that are called “supermodels”. But Ukraine has more amazingly beautiful girls-models than any other nation on the planet Earth. Most of them start their career consulting with homeland top-brand model-agencies. There's a great number of them and each one of them is famous for providing world podiums the most beautiful young models. For example, world's top-model Evelina Mambetova, who's up to her 25 years old has already worked with such agencies as New York's «New York Model Management», London's «Premier», Milan's «Women» and Paris's «Women». Evelina even worked with famous movie director Tim Burton and “cosplayed” his character Edward Scissorhands. But she wouldn't gain such a wonderful career if she didn't firstly come to the model agency “L-Models” where she acknowledged the necessary experience for a successful model professional life.

L-Models is one of the most powerful and successful modeling company in Ukraine that has been successfully presented in the Ukrainian modeling market more than 20 years. “L-Models” beauties can be found on the covers of the editions of the Ukrainian as long as overseas magazines. And one can also always see their models at the advertising campaigns of the famous brands in Ukraine and the international ones. TopModels from this agency are greatly respected at every fashion contest because “L-Models” collaborates with a great amount of world's best known agencies such as “Women” in New York and Paris, “Starz People” in Honkong and many others.

As one can guess L-Models is not the only successful agency in the homeland of the most precious girls in the world. One of the other prosperous companies is V&D, that was founded in 2006 and has very successful topmodels that took part in a great number of wonderful, precious and incredibly beautiful photosets in many fashion magazines such as “Harper's Bazaar”, “Marie Claire”, “Glamour”, “L'Officiel”, “Mademoiselle”. Some of the models also featured in many music videos by famous pop-stars, rap-stars and R'n'B stars such as Pitbul, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. Each model achieved a successful career either in a model business working with famous photographers, either in some film company working as an actress of extras which are always very valuable and highly-demanded. So, V&D is a great choice to begin a successful career. On the pictures you can see VIP Ukrainan-model and Kiev escort from GIA . Her name is Alena.

Topmodel Alena

XXX Ukrainian model

GIA escort Alena


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