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Two women in your bed (part2)

Copulation is the beginning of the ending. Penetration into one of women automatically leaves another aside. Therefore before to go on it, find a way to be convinced, that both women will feel quite comfortable. Naturally, you will want to concentrate completely on that woman into whom you have got, however it is not necessary to do it. Remember that the event concerns all three. Kiss other Kiev escort woman, continue to concern it, look it in the face, can even talk to it if there is a mood. In general, work as Caesar, differently remain dissatisfied.

Having plunged into a condition of full pleasure which comes after sex, do not forget nevertheless, that sex three together is a pure pleasure, but at all relations. It means, that if one of women - your constant partner the second, possibly, should not fall asleep in your bed. Do not forget, that continuation of relations for three is a true way to accident. Your girlfriend or the wife should not test anxiety: you had simply well fun, it was only creative experiment. Tell to it what exactly it got you most of all what exactly from it you could not tear off eyes when it caressed the partner. That except it it is necessary nobody to you, it - your main pleasure. Well and all in such spirit.

After all, probably, know, that speak to women who will be overtaken just about by an attack of uncontrollable jealousy.

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