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That pushes girls to sex

Because of a difference in motivations and levels of sexual development of the guy and the girl at teenage and early youthful age. It is connected with how they look at love and friendship questions. In Kiew the girl at the age of 14 - 18 years interest a question of romantic love, Platonic love relations, gentle friendship. They like to read love novels and to look melodramas and imagine relations of the man and the woman in a beautiful and romantic key of mutual liking, the kind relation, tenderness. They in the dreams are very far from animal instincts and impulses of a flesh which while dozes in them. Display of activity from young men frightens them, pushes away, throws into confusion and even upsets. Sexuality will wake up in them much later. Young men approximately 17 - 24 years test quite concrete corporal aspiration to affinity with the girl. They want sex in Kiev. Also have not grown while to high spirituality of relations with the woman. It will appear at them later at more mature age. For now them with terrible force attracts to a body. The girl, not understanding it, concedes to it's desires, accepting them for love of a high spiritual order. Some girls do not guess that they play with fire, baring seductive parts of the figure, a foot, a breast. They provoke guys the clothes, behaviour as if resolving it to wish. It is very heavy to many guys to resist against it. So there are the casual and early communications caused by only intolerable desire of rapprochement. Unfortunately, they are far from true love and affinity though by not skilled young men are perceived so.

The girl concedes to requests, to desires and threats because of fear to be rejected, derided to be worse than others, to differ from collectively generated image of "the little girl» which prevails over it in a society of contemporaries. That is goes on this step from fear. Instead of on love. Sometimes it occurs casually in a condition of the uncontrollable and not realised inclination under the influence of alcohol. In such cases the girl is not insured from what. Especially if it is not too legible in acquaintances, and among it's environment there are guys with doubtful reputation. In what good such experience does not result, as a rule. And great love and furthermore a marriage of what everyone as fiduciary dreams, here and does not smell.

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