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Take me! Kiss my lips!

My name is NATASHA. I was Kiev escort girl in 1999. I have opened the breast - have simply lowered a little a brassiere and have exposed gentle, almost silk breasts outside, with such pink as the girl, dummies, in them had so much desire, it is so much tenderness and love to you that it was necessary for them to answer, and it was made by my tender fingers. It is difficult to deceive it'self, but I have presented, that you nearby - kiss my lips, you stick to them as to a breast of mother in the far childhood as though you wait, that I will feed and I will sing you, then go down more low to my white neck, aroma of my new spirit's throws into you confusion - you always loved my smell, a smell of my skin, and it is a pity to you, that it was eclipsed by these perfume but soon we will go with you under a shower, and there will be before each other in a primordial form, wash from themselves all these strokes put by a civilisation, will stand under streams of water and to caress each other while forces will suffice... At last you reach my nipples, they so long waited for you, that now they need something more strong: you squeeze us in the strong hands, strong hold and admire the power over these small islands of my flesh.

Then you bite and you suck them, you try to involve the lips in a mouth, they are extended, as at a feeding she-wolf, my cat comes to full delight, the back is curved in a delightful spasm - you should feel it, a spasm go on my stomach, shoulders, hips if you have now inserted to me, sharply and deeply member has set, I would terminate directly standing, and you should pick up me on hands as the head is already turned... 

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