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Sex for three

There is a set of ways to organize sex for three with sexy Kiev girls, but laws which necessarily it is necessary to adhere if you are already involved in this game, at all it is a lot of. Sex three together is not similar to usual sex, he demands from participants of imagination and sensitivity. Planning such sex, you beforehand should imagine at least approximately, that are going to do in bed. The sex trio is possible in various variants, but the most widespread structure two women and one man. Some key rules will help you to avoid traditional errors in these cases and not to strike the person in a dirt at once before two beauties, one of which, quite probably, is necessary you the wife or the close girl-friend.

You want to copulate at once with two women, thus each of them, as well as you, has the representations about behaviour rules in bed. Therefore, mutual understanding and respect to each other in this situation will damage to nobody. Take care of that each of you felt comfortably. If one of women your constant partner, be ready to that this experiment will affect your further mutual relations. Therefore you should find out in advance, what your actions will not confuse her and that she unequivocally would not like. Quite probably, that she will not want, that you have got into other woman or even were engaged with it in oral sex. However, then it is not very clear at all, what for to invite the second woman in your bed...

Anyhow, you should respect it's restrictions. Remember that any woman can test a sudden attack of jealousy so it is better not to test it's nerves for durability once again. Even in the event that group sex was it's initiative, in advance find out, how much it is ready to admit you to other female body. Besides, you can suddenly be jealous if it will turn out so, that not you have appeared the attention centre. All three should remember, that game which you have started, the Third is called not superfluous, it's purpose consists in dividing sex for three, instead of to offend someone the third.

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