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Rest on a summer residence

This summer I have left in holiday on a summer residence to the cousin. Special dialogue it was not necessary for me: I can also a bed in a kitchen garden to dig up, but most of all I liked to take the book and for all day to leave to sunbathe on a beach. Water was not so approaching for bathing and I, having smeared with a cream for sunburn, plunged into novels. I was one of girls.

And here I have noticed, that my nephew Sasha constantly for me observes. Directly spy any. I will find that it's peeping through leaky covered curtain per capita in a garden I have a sensation, that someone rummaged in mine case with linen. It has revolted me, and I have decided to spend investigation. First time I have caught it's spying in my room when I changed clothes, have dragged it for a hand and have leant to a wall.

- It that else the such? - I, trying to slam on myself have asked a dressing gown.
- But, but after all on a beach all so go, and you too, - reddening, refused Sasha.
- On a beach I in a bathing suit, - strictly explained I.
- Well, so it closes even less. And not always you carry it, - becoming impudent, the teenager spoke, and it'self peered at dressing gown cut.

I have recollected, that sometimes sunbathed naked when around anybody is not present: whether also you that spied? I have reddened, have looked down, but have seen dick at it in trousers, have lifted them to his face: Well! But once, and that it more »I never repeated have resolutely opened a dressing gown, remained only in white shorts and a sconce, fitting my suntanned body. The sight I have apart directed upwards, whether with shame, whether with pride. - Turn, - I have heard the muffled whisper from the party where there was a boy. I have turned to it a back and have rested hands against hips. When I have started to turn a head in it's party, I with horror have seen, that Sasha the member has pulled out and desperately masturbates. The white and sticky stream has struck me on a buttock and a foot.



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