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Once upon a time a busty girl started a career of an escort. This girl was absolutely inexperienced and unaware of surprises, life can give us. This girl was me.

As I started my job I tried to be a shy and calm lady and I still believed that shy pretty models are those, who are appreciated, but that was the principle of my granny's ages, not mine. So I failed a bit at first.

And happily, one unexpected case helped me to build a successful career of an independents. He was my fourth or fifth client. He was very rich and his charm and energy filled up the entire room as soon as he entered it. His elegance grasped women's attention and his hands like warm and sensitive claws were waiting to embrace a woman.

He seemed to impress everyone who had been surrounding him. And of course as I met him for the first time in my life I was also shocked and impressed. It seemed like my heart stopped beating and I myself tried to catch each of his breathings in and out.
I even thought that I fell in love at once. But I remembered that I couldn't do that. My professional ethics was strict and tough and I love my job.

Our vip meeting

So we spent a lovely evening in a restaurant in Kiev and after that he took me at his place in Kiev, too. I was trembling, waiting for the moment he'd grab me and kiss me, but at the same time I felt like I was paralyzed and couldn't show him my sex skills at a full power.

Then he sat beside me and we started talking. He spoke about ladies as Kiev escort companion and their beauty, about their mission in life. He believed women were made to get pleasure from sex, to cheer men up with sex services and to bring joy into men's lives. He told I didn't have to be shy and closed for the society. He made me feel wanted and needed in my life. He said that I had to be open-minded and feel free to demonstrate all the beauty of my inner world and of my appearance, too.

After that talk we had I felt really well in bed. It was like cuffs were take off my hands and I could spread the wings of my power and let him dive deeply into my inside hidden world!


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