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Meal for sex

The official medicine never will agree that any one product or one nutrient can in the mysterious way to restore a potentiality, but she will agree that a healthy food can have salutary influence on sexual force. There can be, that confidential recipes of dishes which used in an antiquity and which throughout uncountable generations were transferred from the father to the son, from mother to the daughter, are not so miracle in restoration libido as it is described in works of ancient authors. The majority of them, however, benefit health as a whole, and to sexual health in particular.

Milk (especially goat) contains fiber of the highest quality from all known to the person. It is better acquired and more effectively used by an organism in comparison with any other forms of fibers. Such fiber is necessary for healthy functioning sexual glands. In an egg yolk the large quantity of lecithin, the vital substance necessary for the maximum activity of sexual glands contains. In seeds the big maintenance of mineral substances, fiber, lecithin, vitamins all of them vital for healthy functioning of reproductive system was revealed. Honey the richest source acids which modern doctors use for treatment of frigidity at women. Besides, honey sugar is already digested, therefore it is quickly acquired.

Oysters, nuts and pumpkin seeds a rich source of zinc which as was is clinically proved, necessary for healthy functioning of sexual glands. Before you go to Kiev escort girls eat more oysters and nuts.

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