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Article about ladies and secrets

A lot of people are interested why I actually love my job as a sexy escort Kiev. They usually ask that question with a frightened look on their faces, maybe they are afraid I'll get mad and tell them it's not what should bother them. But I react very calmly on that type of question, after all people are only interested and I think if I had to be on their place, I'd have been interested, too.

So let me get this straight. First of all I really love my job. Second of all there are some certain reasons why I had chosen this path in my life.

The reasons

The first reason is that I'm a great actress. I knew I'll have a job one day, which will allow me to hide my original face and personality under the mask of chic and sophistication like independents from Ukraine do. I also knew that I'd earn a lot for my talent.  And my wishes became true.

So the second reason was money. I considered working as a slutty escorte as an easy and effective way to get money. And I also knew that this craft will always give me pleasure, make me want to improve my body and looks.

As I work with elegant and elite clients, I always seek perfection. I try to improve my body shape because I want men to admire it! I also try to take good care of my skin to keep it fresh and young as long as I can! I always try on new looks, they include not only sexy and slutty ones, but also looks for evening occasions and parties. My clients frequently ask me to attend different kinds of events with them.

My job means world to me. It helps me to move on with my life. I communicate with various people a lot and in this way I become more and more aware of everything that happens in the world and in the society.

I can also get access to lots of private parties and events because as all models I have very warm and nice relationships with each of my clients.
I think I'll tell you a bit more about my job later because there is really a lot to share about it!


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