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Intim in a public place

Let me continue talking about fucking in the public places and sharing my experience with you. I want to tell about the most convenient positions which will bring lots of pleasure to you and you partner.


If you want to fuck in the backyard of the house or in a garden, we want to offer you “Bushwhacker”. This position has several advantages. First of all it is young-spirited. It recalls everyone of making love in the bushes, of rebellious times and naughtiness we have all had. Usually models doesn't want to lie on a dirty ground so we advise handsome guys to kneel at lady's service.

Slutty girls can feel free to jump in guys' hands, I mean putting their legs around his waist and jumping on his penis as much as she likes.  This will cause ocean of divine pleasure! Girls know bushy areas where you can have this exciting fuck!

Next position is connected with great imagination. It's about taking out the trash. We all know how to do this. So a guy has to take his elite escort lady as if she were a rubbish bag. Wrap her around his torso and take her somewhere to the trash bin. Then she can sit on a trash bin like a slutty courtesan and her male lover may enter her soft vagina and make her feel good!


You can be as naughty as you want, but you still have to remember about the rules, which exist even for naughty lovers and busty Kyiv ladies. Take into an account that it's very dangerous to have sexual relationship somewhere near the areas where kids might be playing. Sex in Kyiv has to leave pleasant impressions not notes in your identification card about being in prison for abusing law. Fines are no good to for elite guys and secy females.
Keep in mind that you have to find a suitable place. Don't have too much self-proud and be careful, but don't cross the line of being afraid of everything like a hare. We wish you great and slutty fuck!


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