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Erogenous spots of beautiful models (part 1)

It's no surprise that very often men don't know what the most sensitive spots on ladies' bodies are. That's why there usually appear problems in families where sex doesn't bring any pleasure to sexy wives.

Sometimes men are too lazy to learn their ladies' bodies and try to find the hidden places which make their women cum. But I want to tell you about erogenous spots which can give sexy models the most wonderful feelings and sexual emotions!

Inner Thighs

Did you know about this place before? Beautiful girls Ukraine love when elite men lick that place and simultaneously touch their breasts and body in general. VIP sex in Kyiv will be even better if a male partner reaches this place where lots of nerve ends are situated. But don't bite your elite prostitute because she'll feel the pain which she'll return you back afterwards!

Behind the knees

This place is also very sensitive. Incall and outcall models love it when a partner nibbles this area. It makes Kiev models go crazy from pleasure and excitement.


These areas are the most intimate and still very sensitive and desirable to be touched and licked and penetrated. If a man licks butts of his slutty incall or outcall lady, she'll moan with satisfaction.

Nape of the neck

I'm sure that this ero-zone is a surprise for you! My friends professional escorts told me that even when their sex partner breathes on their neck, they feel great joy and his warm breath arouses them strongly. If a man adds a bit of massage with his sensitive hands and also licks this place a bit, with simultaneous stimulating of vagina, a girl can cum easily!


Kiev female independent escort incall love when they are bitten by the ears. Male partner can also suck an ear a bit, touch it with wet fingers and kiss smoothly.

Some guys also add talking dirty or talking romantic while kissing Ukraine escorts' ears. Such actions also increase pleasure level!


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