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Bizarre sex on Podol with elite prostitutes

In fact I'm going to talk about some bizarre sexual tips you've possible have heard about already. Maybe some guys and ladies don't know about them. So let's discuss.


First of all you can bite your kiev escort podol lover. One can find it evil but as practical researches show, it's pretty sexy for both: hot female, and a guy. Of course a man doesn't have to become too active and join his teeth on Kiev escort bodies. But slight bites are actually good. Gentle pressure increases the sensitivity level and women start enjoying sexual relationship more.

Try to use oil during sex. It's quantity depends on your goals. For some people the more is better. Slick body has to be made with a help of vegetable-based oil which has enjoyable smell. You can even use oils which are aphrodisiacs too.

You are likely to be aware that temperature changes influence nerves a lot. This is a verified fact. When the temperature is stable, nerves become too clam. They are not preparing for any changes and it's more difficult to wake them up!

But if you use temperature change you yourself will become more active and fresh and your sexy lover will also liven up a bit.

Licking and sucking a feet became popular not so long ago. However it became popular quickly. Slutty courtesans from Ukraine always enjoy such a treatment.

What else can give pleasure to both lovers is spanking. It's somewhere in a row with biting, but this might really hurt. Slight pain will stimulate skin and rush lady's blood. When body rushes the blood, it increases pleasure level.

I've met some UA elite prostitutes who told me about their clients, who loved eating in a bed. Before or after your wild s-e-x you can eat something sweet and tasty to racket your pleasure. Elite girl loves food as much as making love. This statement is true for any guy too.

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