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Anal-Model and her attitude to arrogant men

I hate arrogant men. I don't' know why but this feeling is somewhere very deep in my soul and in my heart and I can't fight it. Maybe it's because when I just was a slutty little lady I met lots of haughty men who abused and offended my feelings very often and I can't excuse them their behavior.

As I'm a professional Anal-Model now I have to put up with those arrogant bustards whom I meet rather frequently. But anyway each time I have sex with them and suck their dicks, I have this great war inside my head in which I attack those indignant though sometimes very beautiful guys and make them suffer.

I meet arrogant guys often in my job and I can tell you that I have rather poor fuck with them. They fuck me weakly though I beg them to do it harder. I really love hard fucking and I want to feel men's penises inside my vagina and I want them to call my slutty and dirty slutty lady who is really beautiful and sexy female!

But arrogant are usually fail with such tasks. I'm disappointed with them, thought very deeply in my heart (again) I think I'm happy!

I hate them to be rude with sexy females from agencies because we all are very high-professional ladies and we know our craft and we do it on a very high and elite level, we provide top class sex and we leave it all in the rooms of the hotels where we fuck all the elite and rich guys.

UA busty females are worth better treatment from arrogant men and I fight for this. During sex in Kyiv I always behave in a different manner with arrogant guys. I never let him see my soul. Thought I let all the kind hearted boys to do this. And it's a great offense for any man if he can't guess what's happening there inside his slut whom he's going to fuck and he wants to have some connection with her to feel her vagina better! So this is my reprimand for them. Because I hate arrogant men


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