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Kiev independence square - the most beautiful in Ukraine

 In this article we will provide with you some interesting facts about 2 famous interesting sights in Ukraine, and these namely are Khreshatyk and Independence Square in Kiev. But first of all, let's mention Youtube Ukraine ladies that you can find in abundance on the internet and Youtube these days.

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 What about Khreschatik? In fact, it is the key street of Kiev, which can be called the heart of this country. And it's length is about one kilometer. This kind of street starts from the Bessarabska Area and then ends on European Area. And here you can find a huge market, Ukrainian House, Kyiv city council and other official places.

 It is interesting that such a street crosses Kiev Independence Square, which is the main sight of the whole country. Moreover, this place is also known as Maidan Mezalezhnist. It has become very famous and widely known because of the events that took place in 2004. We all remember the Orange revolution in Ucraine! And it changed the result of election, when Viktor Yuschenko has become a president of Ukraina.

 All tourists who want to visit this historical structure should know that the history of Independence Square starts from the time of reign of well-known Yaroslav Mudriy. Unfortunately, it was totally destroyed because of the siege of Kyiv. One the place of the ancient gates that was called Lyadski you can see the copy that is considered to be a famous historical monument of the capital and of Ukraina. In addition, Independence Square has change a number of different names and now it is widely called Maidan Nezalezhnist.

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