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Are independent females different from foreigners?

I've met my old client these days by chance in a very nice café. Usually, prostitutes and clients are not allowed to talk to each other but he has moved abroad several years ago so we decided we could have a little chat.

We started talking about escort Kiev. As he was an addicted to courtesans and top-class females here, he also loved visiting them abroad. So he started talking about foreign ladies. He said he didn't like that they are completely different from Ukrainian females. This difference could be notice in their behavior. He said once he got call-girl and she didn't seem like a usual company. She was a real whore.

Of course independent models can be amazing: they can mix and have both: charm and sexiness. They can smile in a specific sweet way which will a man want to fall in lady's arms and never get out of there.

So my past client started talking about his career. And - I was excited - he said I really was his amulet, his sexy talisman, his key to success. He said that signing any contract with me and holding any negotiations was much simpler. And I remember us visiting various business lunches and other events and him, giving his business cards away, meeting people, all happy and inspired.

Of course this depends on your company. I'm always smiling and shining. I have excellent taste and my outfit's always fit the situation and moment.  of course everyone loved us to be together at any event. Some people even invited us together to attend their family holidays. And as you know, having warm relationships with business partners is really good for your future.

I was an excellent model, and I am now. But unfortunately, my client can't use my services these days. Though he invited me to come and serve him abroad. So as you see. Our females are the best and clients love them very much!


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