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One day again left the person... Cold, melancholy, alone.I need Independent Escort Kiev. Has member about one acquaintance on-line. I Have mail... I have ask for dating. I Have agreed simply to descend in cafe and to drink Wine. That evening has come. I have approached at the restaurant, and at an input I am waited by a frightful, hairy, old, vile monkey. Champagne was strong. I have got drunk. And monkey still adds, and I take again. In that way when we go from cafe this men said, that in such condition I should be taken by a taxi. Lodge in a taxi. Monster said: "I live at the motel now. I wish to admire you naked." Have agreed, that only I only will undress and I will go home... Has increase to motel. Huge number with a divan and a Huge beds. I am stuped, I have undressed, terned and again began to put on.

This monster got malicious and has told "I need have you - independent girl": -show you! - he ordered. And two hours this men considered me, touched sticky hands. And it was disgusting and disgusting! But I submited. Then monster has throw me on a bed and torture has begun -Why you don't stop? - From last forces I said and cry - because I like it. I will fuck you while I will get tired! - he spoke and continued to fuck me, as prostitute As independent girls. It was terribly! Monster has risen, and go away . let alone me bared and spread on the sofa and having thrown on sofa denominations for a taxi. An two hours later I go too a shower. Washed- cleaned. All body hooted and ached... And in a brain one phrase been: "I am prostitute. I am dirty maid".


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