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Guy with huge penis

Me with Thomas meting in a hotel room. We have drunk some glasses of good red wine and have started business. I have seen for the first time him naked. I was escort girl over 5 years and i saw many penises in my life. However this copy has amazed me. It was huge, thick, with a bright red head. It seemed, my bosom cannot simply accept it. I have moved apart feet and shook with fear. I am obedient waited a sharp pain. But it has not occurred. Thomas ironed my chink the big head of the tool. I have started to relax. My pussy soaked through a gentle moisture. Thomas did not hurry up, though it penis stuck out upwards. He waited when I can accept it. He has thrust a head in my pussy. I was stretched pleasantly by this thick head. The volume did not move. There were no movements, and from my pussy the liquid flew. I very much wanted continuation. The volume simply tortured me.

- Well begin! - I have moaned. I did not have forces to wait. I wanted, that this huge penis has pierced me. Thomas has driven in me the tool. I felt a sweet pain. I would like, that this torture proceeded eternally. Movements were already more frequent. The shiver has run on my body. Thomas has reached pleasure tops. Warm sperm has filled all my cave. Hot streams go on my feet.



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