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Two Oral Tips

t's curious that most men in the world who have permanent sex partners are pretty sure that they know everything about oral sex and ways to please their London escorts. If you think so, this is the first signal that you are in fact terribly wrong. A man who really knows something about oral love always tries to find out some new effective ways, looks for advice and tips, and asks his woman what she likes and what she expects him to do during oral pleasure. But a man who has no idea what good oral fuck is thinks that he is a real master. If you have some doubts, here are the two most important things you need to know about oral love.

First - most men think that oral sex is the part of the foreplay. Yes, to some extent it is, but there has to be a foreplay before the foreplay! In other words - women need to be warmed up even before oral satisfaction. Oral activity should not be the start of the foreplay. Try gently kissing her lips and body at first, avoiding touching her vagina. In a couple of minutes she will be burning with desire and willing you to touch it! Radisson are hottest and wildest in oral love.

The second very important thing you need to know is that you don't need to hurry. Women usually don't like their clitoris to be licked or sucked in a rough way, especially in the very beginning. Let your movements be slow, but firm and confident. Take your time and watch her get more and more excited. When she starts moaning or screaming, you don't have to increase the tempo at once - control yourself and continue slowly and firmly. There is nothing sexier than a man who is able to control himself during bed activity while being very excited. 

Don't forget these two vital tips and use them as soon as possible. You will be surprised and satisfied with the result, and so will your Kyiv female.

Girl Vera from Radisson hotel

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