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First sex

Frequently it occurs in awful insanitary conditions, hastily, in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, under oppression of fears and pressure of more active party, compulsorily and does not bring to anybody from participants happiness, satisfaction. On the contrary, remains in memory as something unpleasant, painful and disgusting. What it would would not be desirable to recollect, and to delete from a life somewhat quicker. I am women and it was with me.

The first sexual experience is firmly embodied in consciousness of the person irrespective of it's desire. It is especially important for the woman as beings more susceptible and emotional. Unsuccessful first experience it becomes very frequent the reason of frigidity of the Ukraine woman, it's indifferences to sex, inability to have orgasm, sexual disharmonies and it's uncooperative altitude to men in general.

And to it will largely carry, if the person knowing, skilled, tactful both cautious appears it's first partner. And loving, certainly. Because it will involuntarily pass all subsequent communications through impressions first night. With what they will be? Pleasant, not absolutely or awful? In huge degree it depends on it...

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