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Feminism in the bed

Some women, wishing to achieve equality in bed, have appeared in "a pleasant situation" when husbands suddenly began to doubt the man's abilities. Some husbands have been so suppressed by heavy responsibility of the sexual technics which was required for excitation wives that received small pleasure from sex and began to give to it of attention less, than gave before. Others worked so intensively, that wives became nervous and aspired to seem passionate and raised while husbands as tried, could not achieve that sensuality which they pursued. Some women, being afraid to give out, that they zero from the sexual point of view, told to the husbands and girlfriends that receive from sex huge pleasure, secretly suffering from that, how much it is far from true.

The big sexual clearing and stream of inconsistent councils which has come with clearing, delivered to many women weight of efforts. Not listening to instincts, we have made weight of errors. We were so are occupied by satisfaction reception in bed, that because of it have forgotten the female duties. We were greedy, selfish and silly. We have raised a howl, that we not one in bed and what to give to the man satisfaction and pleasure it is not less important, than to receive it. We have forgotten, to that learn women from time immemorial: that the woman should protect carefully the most important natural riches - the man. Attach to your bed or to a mirror, on a wall or a toilet little table a note while you properly do not remember it. The present women know it. Also do not shout, that it is not fair. The nature protects you because this rule works on women, together with in the opposite direction.

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