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Orgasm in Premier Palace

I stay in Premier Palace hotel now. It is not a secret that most men are looking for some ways to please their women and to make them climax. But not every man knows positions which can really make a london escort scream of pleasure. Here are three fucking positions which will help you to give your escort Kiev lady such mind blowing orgasms that her friends will already know how good you are in bed just by looking at her, happy and radiant!

Hot fucking position 1 - The Missionary Position.

I know that you might be thinking that this position is really banal and worthless. You can't even imagine how wrong most men are when they think like that! There is no need to try some leg-breaking positions; a simple missionary will do if you know what to do with it. This position is very intimate, you are close to each other and you can kiss each other faces and shoulders, which is really hot. Premier Palace can offer you girls who perfectly know all kinds of sex positions.

Hot Sex Position 2 - Pie in the Sky.

This is a rather unusual cunnilingus position, but it is really pleasant for both partners. Ask your courtesan to raise her lower part of the back together with her legs while lying on her back. Then put her ankles on either side of her head. This looks a bit bizarre, but as soon as you try it you will want to do it again and again.

 Hot Fucking Position 3 - Broken Scissors.

You have to sit in front of each other and intercross your legs so that the top leg of the woman is in front of your chest. This really reminds of broken scissors, and now all you have to do is try to reconnect. You will be satisfied with unusual feelings given by this position, and your prostitute will surely be on cloud nine.

All these fucking positions are perfect for making your woman climax. Escort girls Kiev know how to please you with those positions, and with a lot more. Plus, you can use a female arousal gel on her clitoris in order to have a night of pure bliss. Enjoy!

Lesia from Premier Palace Hotel


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