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My first experience English speaking escort

Is it interesting for you to find out how I have started my courtesan career? I think you'll be excited to hear this. I had my first idea about becoming an English speaking escort  when I was about 15 years old. I was thinking about my further life and destination in it so I was searching for an efficient and pleasing idea for continuing my living alone, independently from my parents and the entire family. I heard a lot about prostitutes and their job and clients and I wanted to experienced everything they had on my own.

My first feelings and emotions were rather controversial at the beginning. Thought I've already known a lot about sex because I've done it lots of times with my boyfriends and close friends, I had some doubts because of this profession. But after a while I've realized it's completely normal like all the others.

My first experience

When I came to the doors of the elite Kyiv sex agency for the first time, I was a bit afraid, not so confident, but I looked nice and attractive and sexy, which is very significant.

Pretty ladies like me could find a client easily so I got my first order pretty soon. He was an elite man with a nice beard and deep grey eyes. As I understood he had a wife but maybe she wasn't as slutty, as his prostitute female was!

I dressed up like a fancy doll and waited for him to enter the hotel room with my legs widely open. I've lined my eyes and my lips to look bigger and tastier. I wanted him to want me as soon as he sees me. So I was lying there and waiting

When he came, he seemed to be tired or exhausted, I don't know. But I've made up my decision to get him into high spirit's. And I managed to achieve my task! I made some oral sex and I was active all the time and this impressed him a lot! He became active himself and fucked me very hard like a dirty and slutty girl during our meeting I really cummed several times then


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