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Opera ladies sometimes hate to Give Fellatio

Did you know that for a London escort fellatio is a very delicate issue? It doesn't matter whether she has a lot of experience in it or not - some females Kyiv hate giving oral sex in particular situations, and you should know why.

Reason one. However banal it may sound, women Ucraina often hate giving oral pleasure because men don't care about their personal hygiene. So it is important to be washed and shaved, and have clean clothes on. Would you like to give oral pleasure to a lady Ukraine who is dirty, smelly and unshaved? I think you wouldn't, so don't make females Ukraine do this.

Reason two. If she gives you fellatio and you don't give her cunnilingus, it is extremely selfish of you. This is one of the most common reasons of prostitutes Ucraina not willing to give oral satisfaction. Opera is a wonderful place with girls that know everything about fellatio.

Reason three. There are some women that simply don't like to give oral sex to men, full stop. Whether you are clean or not, shaved or not, and whether you give her cunnilingus or not, a model just doesn't like it. Not because she is lazy or selfish, but because of much more subtle psychological issues you might not know.

Reason four. If you need a lot of time to come, don't expect your courtesan to like giving you fellatio. Licking your penis for hours may be not as alluring to the woman as you think, so try some sexual fantasies and come faster. Ukraine escort girls know the right ways to give you fantastic oral satisfaction.

Reason five. And finally, the most trivial reason - ladies don't like to swallow the sperm. Fellatio doesn't necessarily ends in swallowing the sperm, but if you want it and she doesn't, don't try to make her do this, otherwise you will be both pissed off and the night will be ruined.

Vera - young Opera lady

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