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Best oral sex techniques in Dnipro

I know that many men only think they can do cunnilingus well, but in fact their female lovers aren't satisfied with the way they perform oral sex at all. That's why I want to share some tips on doing perfect oral sex to Ukraine escorts.

Tips for oral love

First of all guys have to remember that not only clitoris is very sensitive, but also labia (lips) are sensitive too. Never forget to suck and lick them gently. The start should always be slow, never rush a lady. As for me I never liked when my guy started working with his tongue in my vagina at once because I couldn't “taste” his tongue with my clitoris.

It's better when a client licks my vagina from the entrance and right to the clitoris. That way the wave of the strong feeling takes me over and I arouse a lot. I also love when my partners move their tongue from my inner lips gently to my outer labia.

It's important to know that tongue is a very strong muscle in a human's body. Moreover you know that it's always wet because of saliva. That's why a man can operate with his tongue in a girls' vagina much better than even with his penis. Never forget about that. Dnipro Kiev escort will be amazed to get their clitoris stimulated with a firm tongue of an attractive guy. But still if there is too much pressure on a lady's clitoris, the feelings might evaporate and the irritation appear instead.

When a client has already turned his elite prostitute on, he has to use some specific oral stimulation to drive her crazy. He has to play with her clitoris, this means sucking it by enveloping it with his mouth and then releasing it. suck play will surely cause her wildly positive and pleasant effect.

I love when my clitoris is in a guy's mouth but at the same time he moves his tongue all around the area. Sometimes them likes this technique to be done aggressively, but sometimes she prefers having it done mildly.


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