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Buying gifts to your friends and relatives - where you can do it?

  If you're interested to leave yourself some unforgettable impressions about your travel to Kiev, you should definitely treat yourself with anything special. Our girls'll be the best present to you, but still leave some time to know more about city where you're staying.

  If you want to go for shopping in Kiev and purchase some presents, start with the city center. On Khreschatyk you could discover plenty of stores with cosmetics, clothes and so on. The ideas for gifts visit you as you come to more and more shops. You'll discover lux clothing and cosmetics, books and souvenirs, paintings and Ucrainian national costumes in cheap and expensive shops situated on this street. Prepare yourself to spend some money - you must definitely be interested in buying gifts to everyone you know.

  Local people tell that buying gifts on Andriivsky Descent is not right - they are very expensive and overrated there. That's right, if you want to purchase anything with strong Ucrainian zest, you should definitely try to discover some little shops away from city center. You must find lots of stuff there, and it might be definitely cheaper than buying the same stuff on Andriivsky. It is better when you do it with escort Ukraine.

  If you don't know what to purchase, try to find yourself a national emroided shirt - you must enjoy wearing it. You can also purchase some embroided towels to your family and friends. Ucrainian paintings also look good - if you found something worth hanging in your house, you should get it. Most of the time they're not too expensive and you can easily afford buying a beautiful painting that'll look beautiful in your bedroom or kitchen.

  Ok, done with presents. Then you will be surely interested to get something to wear. It's easy if you're in center of Ukrainian capital and you have money. Boutiques will gladly offer you branded clothes - starting with independent yet still quality brands and ending with Dior and Gucci. And if you're really into Ukrainian culture and want to try wearing something new to you, you should google for addresses of Ukrainian designers' show rooms. Each of them has one or two in city center, so you will have the opportunity to visit them and find something to wear. If you're looking for ones who presented their collections on Ukrainian Fashion Week, be careful - the prices can be high as hell, so if you don't want to spend much money on clothing, better stay away.

  Shopping of cosmetics is clever in Brocard, the biggest beauty retailer in Ukraine. But you can also find single-branded shops EVERYWHERE, including ones with natural cosmetics.

  You will be happy and satisfied after your shopping in Kiev!

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