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Erogenous spots of your sexy girlfriend

Let's continue our talk about the most sensitive areas of a woman's body. We've finished with the ears and their sensitivity. But our next spot is even more unexpected but very important.


I myself love it when my lover licks my toes and kisses my feet. It makes me feel divinely relaxed. In such a condition I can completely calm down and be prepared to get sexual pleasure. As a female from VIP service, I also love when my top-class partner touches my feet with his sensible fingers.
Elite Kyiv females and your future girlfriend take much care of their ankles and soles, that's why they like so much when these zones are appreciated by men.


One of my escort Kiev girlfriend told me that her client kissed and nibbled her wrists all the time. At first she couldn't understand what the deal was. But after several times of such care, she started to feel, that each time he touches her wrists, she arouses a lot and something is bulging in her stomach. Like well-known butterflies.

Breasts (nipples)

This area is pretty well-known to most of the guys, but still very often they don't treat it like they should. All men have to remember that though ladies love to have their nipples bitten and kissed and licked strongly, they want some care and tenderness. So you have to do everything with care and tenderness. So every time you take a nipple between your fingers and try to tremble it, do it with love.


These areas can be pleased in many ways. For instance, tongue can play an active part here. Fingers and penis are also important for elite girlfriends, but professional sex in Ukraine requires more sophisticated actions. That's why man's tongue can lead elite prostitute to a quick and lightning orgasm which will be impressing and even shocking!


Of course your Kyiv girlfriend will love kissing on the lips. Lips are very sensitive and when they are touched simultaneously with different stimulation, the pleasure will reach it's hop spot!

Your girlfriend - Zoya

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