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Fuck with glamour in a public place (part 1)

What man wouldn't love to have sex in public place? I don't know any. Each man I met during my professional career of an courtesan, we eager to have sex in public place. He liked to know that someone could see him by chance. I think it's because of the animal instincts though I don't know for sure. I have agreed to have such sex and to prove a client I was the best Kiev escort companion for him and I could make his every dream come true. I've made a list of positions which are convenient if you want to fuck in a public place.


The first one is the best if you are fucked on a beach or in the park. It's called pig in a blanket. Why? Because you have to cover yourselves with a blanket and get pleasure this way. Sometimes we've been using a sleeping bag because any of mine or his parts of the body can't be exposed to a person having a walk around. Of course you have to be calm when you enjoy sexual relationship this way.

Sweet courtesans Kyiv also love next position called Lumberjack. As you might guess it suit's for fucking in the woods well. Play the game here. She is a violent protector of the nature. You are going to cut this tree down. And you are arguing. You start crying at each other and then she decides to embrace the tree and this way to save it from you - evil man. So guy has to fuck his glamour lady from behind. Moreover girls like this kind of sex.  But there are several precautions: elite guy don't have to play too naturally, I mean, too severe fuck can cause lady the pain. And before having you wild funk in the woods you have to choose tree. Think about the place beforehand, because the first tree you see might be no good for holding it tightly.

 The last one position for today is named “pitch a tent”. Tell your elite guy his penis will be a tent peg and the body of the girl will be a hammer. Lady has to play a ground sheet which is ready to be fixed by the tools of a handyman.  Your client can peg you to the ground until he finds a convenient position for both. This position can be varied as much as you have imagination to change some details. Ladies love making experiments!


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