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Incredibly magnetic, beautiful and sexy Karoline is your ultimate choice when it comes to models! She's the real deal, one of the sexiest GIA stars, and she can be yours if you want it. Just call for her!

Our clients should know that we strictly prohibit our ladies to give our any personal information like phone numbers or emails. It violates our rules.
Each girl is instructed to inform the agency about happenstances like this and we ban the clients from our agency forever.

This girl doesnt work with our agency anymore
Age 23
Eyes green
Hair black
Height 168
Weight 50
Breasts 90 (B)
Waist 60
Hip 90
Shoe size 37
Dress size 34
Pussy Shape 5
Zodiaс Capricorn
Tatoo no
Piercing no
Smoker No
Flowers Peonies, Roses
Alcohol Doesn't do alcohol
Gave birth no
Int Passport yes
Bio Passport yes


Kissing with tongue
Blowjob without condom
Cumshot on body
69 Yes
Masturbation Yes
Striptease Yes
Massage Yes


CIM Yes +40$
Domination Yes +50$
Group 2per. Yes +50%
Video shooting Yes +500$
1 hour :300 $7845 UAH267
2 hours :400 $10460 UAH356
3 hours :500 $13075 UAH445
4 hours :600 $15690 UAH534
6 hours :800 $20920 UAH712
10 hours :1000 $26150 UAH889
1 day :1200 $31380 UAH1067
Douglas 28.04.2018

Does Karoline visit Switzerland?

Answer: it's possible. Contact us to book a tour for Karoline! 

gary emanuel 21.01.2018

To Gia-Escorts.I just came back on line to see all of your models,and i was very supprised to see such very good and new photos of the girls that all men would like to see.Now i really know what they look like and i will soon be in Kiev. Thank You for all of your new photos.

M. 08.01.2018

True angel... The girl who's SO overwhelmingly beautiful that I would be okay even if she couldn't fuck for her life's sake, but fortunately she's just gorgeous in bed. With Karoline you have to be more on a tender spectrum of things. She loves it this way. Don't get me wrong, she can be rough okay and she can be treated roughly, she's not the tender butterfly who won't be able to handle some passionate sex, but if you want her to truly open to you and show you her truest and the most beautiful colors, you just have to be tender with this girl. Even if you like it rough, you'll like what goes on between you believe me. She's a good kisser and she is a great person, beautiful inside out. The one who deserves to be treated greatly.

James 25.11.2017

I wanted to fuck Karoline for so long, damn I even started dreaming about that girl. So after booking was done, I was all jitters. I expected something extraordinary and my expectations were met. When the door opened I came face to face with Karoline, it took every ounce of my experience to keep some level of cool. Karoline is a draw droppingly gorgeous lady. Extremely warm, sensual with a wonderful twist of that hot Ukrainian spice, all in perfect doses. The look, the accent (when she speaks English), everything is just perfect. No amount of time spent with Karoline will be enough although when it is time to leave, you will be fully satisfied, but still - still! - wanting more. I apologize that my review do not provide the detail that some of you may seek. But I just wanted to tell you that this lady is really worth the attention, and the money you're paying for her.

Victor 04.08.2017

That's my experience with miss Karoline. So booking was great. And then - 2 hours of GFE. I like to take things quite slowly which was perfect with Karoline. No rush, especially considering we had 2 hours (that's a lot for me). After some small talk and getting to know each other (as it was possible with her English level..) we moved to the bed and things went really quick enough from there. Karoline gives great oral so I took my time and enjoyed that for an extended period of time. I didn't want her to stop! Eventually she got on top and she was able to come quite quickly. I love female orgasms. Means a lot to me. I was still a fair way behind her and we took a mid session break for a massage. She finished me with her mouth, but I came on her body. Overall a great time with Karoline. I would highly recommend.

Peter Sangria 27.07.2017

She is better looking that in photos. She is actually a photo model in the USA and in Europe, and rightfully so. Her body is perfect, so is the softness of her skin and the how 'toned', firm all her body is. Her boobs are so firm is hard to believe they are natural, but I think they are natural as there are no scars of surgery and they are perfect in size, not huge. I would recommend her.

Silas 18.07.2017

She is just... waw!!! I was not think that i will found an escort who do that profesion whit pleasure and be so nice! She is looking even better than photos! I had best sex from mounths and the massage from begining was relax me and excited mee! I will definately wana meet her again when i return to Ukraine! She worth all till last penny, even i was need pay one advance - request wich was scared mee, but now im glaad i did and i was have the chance to meet and enjoy the time whit such a woman!

Brian 22.06.2017

Is video without face covered?

Answer: Yes

Do any models do video without covering face?

Answer: Yes, Marina does.


Did she work as escort before?

Answer: No.

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